Deborah Jones

Today, David and I had the pleasure of attending a seminar led by reader Elaine Hall to hear about her research in Experiential Learning.  As a practice based programme, we strongly believe in the benefits of the learning journey and encourage our students to draw on Kolb’s four stage model in terms of their reflective practice pretty much as the heartbeat of their professional development.

What we found interesting was her observation that aspects of the curriculum which are experiential are often met with positivity by the students, but are somewhat disregarded in terms of assessment value.  As we reflect that experiential learning can encompass concrete experience, enacting, and can be thoroughly immersive and engaging and highly informative with regards to formative assessment, why do we focus on the end result of a test or such like being the main summative assessment in HE?  What exactly is the experience we want our students to have?

We are interested to research how we can further formalise experiential learning.