BY Deborah Jones

After reading an article in tes this morning (, reporting on the call by the head of OCR for experienced teachers to become examiners due to a shortage in recruitment within the teaching sector, I asked myself why more teachers don’t apply for these roles.  When I saw a vacancy to become an examiner for my specialist subject with a leading awarding body almost two years ago, it seemed the obvious thing to do to to develop professionally.  I thought it would be a smart move, not simply because the extra cash would come in handy and I could potentially carry out this role whilst wearing my pyjamas, but because it would be one of the best moves I could make in terms of CPD.

It did prove a smart move and I have gained an insight into the summative assessment of my specialist subject that has also been of benefit to my students.  My role as an examiner has given me more confidence in my subject and as a result, I expect more.  Upon reflecting on this, I would say I am more inclined to challenge students to become autonomous learners and develop their own ability to transfer the skills acquired.

So I’m all for it – teachers, develop your CPD in your pyjamas!